About the Trust

The founding principle of the Trust is that of excellence through continual learning with aspirations to provide specialist facilities, services and resources for the education, integration, guidance, assessment, outreach, care and support of autistic children and adults to help develop skills that will enable them to be as independent and successful as possible.

Jigsaw Trust is a UK registered charity and was established for public benefit with the following core aims:

  • to raise awareness of autism amongst the wider community to help bring about greater understanding and acceptance of autism and related communication difficulties
  • to create more opportunities for autistic people through the provision of the highest quality, accessible, educational, vocational and wellbeing services

Based in Surrey, the Trust oversees Jigsaw CABAS School, JigsawPlus Specialist Day Services for Adults and Jigsaw Social Enterprises as well as Training, Consultancy and Outreach services. There are also plans for additional support services to continue to deliver excellence in all aspects of life to all our learners and their families.




Jigsaw Trust has established specialist services offering autism-specific education, lifelong learning, wellbeing and vocational training as well as opportunities to access work experience and volunteering activities: Jigsaw CABAS® School; JigsawPlus; Jigsaw Trading; Jigsaw Training & Consultancy; Jigsaw Research.

Jigsaw CABAS® SchoolJigsawPlusJigsaw TradingJigsaw Training & ConsultancyJigsaw Research

Jigsaw CABAS® School

Jigsaw CABAS School is an independent school for pupils age 4-19 years who have an autism diagnosis.  Pupils receive individualised curriculum, comprehensive outreach programmes and on-site therapy sessions together with a broad range of key life skills learning opportunities and off-site activities – all delivered and overseen by a highly qualified teaching staff and supported by Jigsaw Trust’s Shared Services team. The approach to teaching, educational standard and overall pastoral care of pupils has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2023. 

Ofsted Outstanding Provider Jigsaw School



This specialist day service has been operational since 2013 and provides a stand alone, yet complimentary service to ensure continuous learning and increased independence through young adulthood and beyond.  Each learner receives person-centred, individually designed learning plans based around their needs, likes and abilities drawn from the appropriate and relevant topics in a comprehensive central curriculum.  Community-focused activities and a range of vocational and life skills learning opportunities are offered through Jigsaw’s Enterprises: GARDENworks, ARTworks and Café on the Park.

The Enterprises are designed to invest learners with transferable skills and knowledge to encourage independence as well as support volunteering, work experience and vocational opportunities within the local community. A range of additional enterprises are being planned for the future.


Jigsaw Trading

This division was established to operate Jigsaw’s Café on the Park as a social enterprise, providing work experience and vocational opportunities for JigsawPlus learners within a safe and friendly workplace environment. At the same time, the Cafe supports the daily catering needs of Dunsfold Park’s business tenants and guests.


Jigsaw Training & Consultancy 

We run internal and external education programmes and workshops raising awareness of autism and more detailed information on autism related subjects including behaviour analysis, verbal behaviour, behaviour management techniques as well as parent education sessions and open mornings for professionals within the autism/healthcare industry and other interested parties.  Jigsaw also hosts Allied Health Forum meetings, School Forums and research visits from some of the UK’s leading Universities.


Jigsaw Research

As part of Jigsaw’s integrated model, a continuous programme of training and professional development underpins everything we do at Jigsaw including conducting ongoing data collections and research.

We have one of the UK’s leading experts in behaviour analysis as our Director of Education, Dr. Emma Hawkins. Dr. Hawkins’ research has been published in a number of peer reviewed journals and she leads the research programme across Jigsaw as well as acting as a supervisory resource for staff progressing through externally validated qualifications (eg. BCBA, RBT, etc).

Staff are also engaged with research studies and data collection to further understand the efficacy of behaviour analysis within a learning environment and to demonstrate the positive and enduring gains made to pupils and adult learners through increased communication skills and independence.  Some of our research and data collection material is published on this website and available to interested parties.