Staff at Jigsaw are encouraged to keep up-to-date with the published literature and are also encouraged to conduct their own research across all areas of the curriculum at both Jigsaw School and JigsawPlus. Part of the continuous professional development programme at Jigsaw includes running research projects that are shared at national and international conferences and also published in peer-reviewed journals as well as being submitted for CABAS® Teacher Rank accreditations.  A selection of this work can be viewed on these pages. Studies have been categorised under main headings as follows:  Verbal Behaviour and Communication; Academics; Life Skills; Overcoming Barriers to Learning; Managing Behaviour that Challenges; Outcomes. There is also a separate section entitled Jigsaw Publications where you can access journal published articles.

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Jigsaw Publications

Verbal Behaviour and Communication


Life Skills

Overcoming Barriers to Learning

Managing Behaviour that Challenges