Teaching at Jigsaw

“Our job as educators, instructors and behaviour scientists is to consider each of our students for the extraordinarily unique learners that they are and walk step-by-step with them and their families along their very own path. Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow and sometimes we have the pleasure of just walking side-by-side with them and enjoying the journey.”  (Lead Teacher, Jigsaw School)

A Teacher’s View….

“The role of a teacher at Jigsaw ticks off the list of your usual clichés – challenging, rewarding, no two days the same – but working at Jigsaw School is certainly an exceptional experience in more ways than one.

I never imagined working as a special needs teacher and now I find it difficult to imagine any other role. By working on a 1:1 basis with pupils you have the opportunity to develop a bond with the learners and be truly invested in their progress. It is lovely to be surrounded by a staff team who are all working towards the same goal, as it makes for a really supportive environment.

The application of behaviour analysis with this wonderful group of pupils provides a unique combination of science and creativity, where all staff members’ strengths have a place in helping our learners reach their full potential. I do believe, however, that the pupils I have worked with at Jigsaw have taught me more than I ever could teach them, and I like to think we have taught them a lot!

The training I have received since starting at the school has been fantastic, with many workshops and study materials available, and further opportunities to attend conferences and complete a Master’s degree. Whether your interest is in research, education, autism, or just doing something that requires thinking outside the box, Jigsaw School is a place for you to achieve this.”

(Lead Teacher, Jigsaw School)

A Day in the Life of…a Jigsaw CABAS Teacher

A day at Jigsaw will be unlike any other you will have experienced. Teachers work in small classes, of typically 3 to 6 pupils, headed by a Lead Teacher. Each pupil works from an individualised curriculum based upon specific needs and interests. The role of teacher involves the application of the science of behaviour analysis to teaching in addition to data analysis and problem-solving skills. It also encompasses many other overlapping roles including lunchroom and playground support, therapy assistance, personal assistance on school community and activity trips and, in some cases, intimate care.

The job is active and at times can be challenging.  It is important to not only be aware of this but to also understand the importance of recognising your own emotional regulation as the job itself, although extremely rewarding, can be emotionally demanding.

In order to fulfil the role Jigsaw School offers an extensive training programme. Staff receive practical training in first aid, epilepsy, medication administration and PROACT-SCIPr-UK; and academic training in the principles of behaviour analysis which underpins the teaching practices at Jigsaw.

Career Progression

Jigsaw School offers structured career, training and salary progression within the CABAS framework (CABAS Teacher I, CABAS Teacher II and Master Teacher) as well as being able to work towards Registered Behaviour Technician, BACB accreditation and Masters in High Incidence Disabilities and Behaviour Analysis from Nicholls State University. We also offer an engaging programme of wellbeing activities and other benefits and more on all this can be found by visiting the staff training page on this site.

More comments from our Teaching Team  

“I started working as a Trainee CABAS Teacher having little experience in the field but thanks to Jigsaw’s training I managed, after a short period of time, to become a permanent member of staff. My training still carries on today where I am happy to say, that with Jigsaw’s economic, professional and emotional support, I am working towards my Masters Degree and BCBA qualification. One and a half years ago I started a journey without knowing where it would end up; today I know that I have a second family here that supports me and helps me progress in all aspects.” (Teacher)

“Since starting at Jigsaw I have been welcomed with open arms and been made to feel part of such a great team.” (Teacher)

“At Jigsaw we are not only providing a high quality of education but also life skills that extend far beyond the reach of our school doors. Working at Jigsaw bears the responsibility of advocating for our students and the population of individuals that they represent in our communities.” (Teacher)

“Since starting at Jigsaw I have been lucky enough to complete various courses leading to recognised qualifications and have attended national and international conferences with the opportunity to present some of my own research.” (Supervisor)

“To be able to go home at night and know I have made a positive impact on a child’s life that will hopefully serve them well for the future gives me great pride.” (Teacher)

Comments from our Pupils

“Jigsaw happy – always happy at Jigsaw.”

“I like my teachers and my friends.  My teachers teach me loads of different things like careers, maths, English, science and how to be a good friend.”

“Jigsaw teaches me my favourite lessons like cooking, writing and maths.  My teachers are great and fantastic.”



Further information on all teaching vacancies (including Trainee SEN Teacher) can be found on the Current Vacancies page with full Job Descriptions and Application Form available.

Alternatively, if you’d like to have an initial, informal conversation about a teaching role, or any of the other roles available, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Please contact us on [email protected] or call 01483 277366.