Research categorised under the heading “Outcomes” includes projects that focus on overall progress of individuals over a period of time. For example, research projects that use a package of interventions to demonstrate progress. This progress could be measured in a multitude of ways and will often include measures across the categories already described, eg. Verbal Behaviour, Academics, Life Skills.


Intensive Behavioural Intervention in a School Setting for 10 Years – Emma L Hawkins & Kate F Grant

We reviewed the progress of two children diagnosed with autism following ten years of ABA intervention at Jigsaw CABAS® School. Progress was measured across several areas: communication skills, academic skills, social skills, self-management skills and physical development skills using the C-PIRK Assessment Tool. Progress was shown across all areas for both children. This paper was published in the European Journal of Behavior Analysis in 2011.  



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An initial C-PIRK assessment is conducted when all pupils start at Jigsaw CABAS® School. This assessment tool measures the presence or absence of behaviours across six different areas: academic literacy, communication, community of reinforcers, self-management, social skills and physical development. Based on the results of this assessment, an individualised curriculum is written for each pupil. This research article focussed on two children diagnosed with autism, aged 4 and 5 years old at the start of the study, and reviewed their progress against the C-PIRK assessment over ten years. Progress was clearly demonstrated for both pupils and continued to be made over a period of time.

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