Policy Statement

Jigsaw Trust (incorporating Jigsaw School, JigsawPlus and Jigsaw Trading) believes that its children and adult learners must be safeguarded from all forms of abuse/harm. It recognises that it must at all times protect its learners and identify and deal with specific instances of abuse/harm if they occur. The Trust is always aiming for the very best quality of care and will not be satisfied with anything that falls short of this. It takes every possible action to prevent abuse/harm and to deal with it as promptly and effectively as possible if it occurs.


KEY DOCUMENTS and POLICIES relating to Jigsaw Trust including our recruitment processes and privacy


Data Protection OfficerData Protection Policy

Jigsaw’s Data Protection Officer:
Judicium Consulting Ltd
72 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6AE
Email:     [email protected]
Tel:          01483 277366

Download Jigsaw’s Data Protection Policy here: Data Protection Policy – September 2021 v3.1

More specific policies relating to Jigsaw School or JigsawPlus can be found on the individual division websites by clicking on either Jigsaw School or JigsawPlus links at the top of the website and visiting their Policies pages.

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