Support Us

Jigsaw Trust is dedicated to supporting autistic children and adults

As a registered charity, we provide a variety of vital services that enhance and empower the individual and families we work with.  Fundraising is central to ensuring that we can meet the needs of the beneficiaries we support.

Fundraising is also critical to the future growth of Jigsaw. There is a significant need for services and provisions for autistic people in the South East that is not currently being met. Jigsaw Trust has the expertise and ambition to meet these needs, but this will only be possible through continued voluntary support.

All funds raised are used directly to assist Jigsaw’s services through Jigsaw CABAS School, JigsawPlus, Café on the Park, GARDENworks, and all the programmes offered by Jigsaw, that are not funded by the Local Authority. These can include; capital appeals, specific equipment needs, social enterprises, capital appeal projects, collating and providing research, support for families, extracurricular activities, charity infrastructure and raising the profile of autism.

Fundraising is vital to Jigsaw’s efforts:

Providing Essential Services: many individuals with autism require specialised therapies, educational programmes and support services that are not always covered by Local Authority funding. Your donations help us provide these essential services ensuring every individual has the support they need to reach their full potential.

Promoting Acceptance: increasing public understanding and acceptance of autism is crucial. Through community outreach, educational programmes and advocacy, we work to promote inclusivity. 

Supporting Families: families of autistic people often face unique challenges and we offer parent education workshops and resources to help them navigate their journeys.

Investing in Research: understanding autism better through research is key and fundraising helps us support research projects that can be shared more widely with other professionals working in the field of special education (SEND).

Creating Opportunities:  we strive to create opportunities that empower autistic people to lead fulfilling lives. Your donations make it possible to develop and sustain these programmes.

Every penny raised brings us one step closer to a world where autistic individuals can be better understood, supported empowered, and accepted.

Our Supporter Charter

  • We value and respect our supporters.
  • We work in partnership with those who support us.
  • We are transparent in our fundraising and use of funds
  • We fundraise with integrity, accountability and responsibility

As a registered member of the Fundraising Regulator we take this commitment very seriously.