Current Campaigns

Campaigns and projects, like the one below, are hugely important to our charity.  Every campaign is devised to further enhance and enrich the education, wellbeing and vocational opportunities available to the children and adults at Jigsaw School and JigsawPlus Adult Day Service.

It is through the generosity of all our supporters/donors/volunteers that we can achieve our vision of providing our learners with the range of facilities, services, resources and support required to help reach their full potential.  We focus on enabling people to build life skills, develop communication


image of a classroom with lighting

We wish to upgrade our school lighting to a LED system, which will have a significant and beneficial impact on the sensory world affecting our children.

All our learners have a diagnosis of autism and, whilst every autistic person is different, the right lighting can be helpful for light sensitivity issues, visual processing and general wellbeing.

At Jigsaw, we are looking to replace the existing fluorescent lighting in school with LED lighting panels. This will benefit the children by improving health, safety and performance in classrooms.

Additional benefits of switching to LED lighting include being greener and more sustainable resulting in significant ongoing financial savings for the charity.

To supply and install one 5ft LED lighting panel will cost £105 and we have 400 lighting panels to replace across the site.

If you would like to light a whole classroom, this would take 6 lighting panels, or £630.

If you would be willing to donate to this appeal, please go to our JustGiving page at or click through to our Donate page here on the website.  If you would like more information or to get in touch with our fundraising team, please email them on [email protected].

Your support is greatly appreciated.