A larger building is now necessary to house the broader range of integrated, community-focused services being offered by Jigsaw to young people and adults with autism.

To facilitate this growth, Jigsaw has secured a suitable new building, off plans, of 11,500 sq.ft on its current site of Dunsfold Park, near Cranleigh, Surrey.

The building will be an industrial space requiring both first and second fit-out.

Whilst Autism is a serious condition, given the right support it need not prevent people from enjoying a full and active life in the community.

This new Centre for Lifelong Learning will be a hub for Jigsaw’s integrated model of lifelong learning, social enterprise and additional ‘wrap around’ support services, designed to further Jigsaw’s goals of providing facilities, services and resources for the education, integration and support of people affected by an autism spectrum disorder throughout the community. In addition, training and information services will be available, offering advice and education to the wider community.

This fully inclusive, integrated model will be underpinned by Jigsaw’s core focus of continuous learning, increased independence and positive social inclusion and will be delivered by specialist, trained support staff.

Services available through the Centre for Lifelong Learning will enable more individuals with autism to extend their social, communication and independent living skills by engaging in activities designed to expand their range of experience, develop and enhance their self-esteem and offer a greater understanding of their environment.

Research shows that 61% of adults with autism rely on their families for financial support, over 40% live at home with their parents and only 15% are in full time employment and 66% are not working at all, including in voluntary employment.  However, research also tells us that if people with autism received the support they need, they can lead more independent, productive and fulfilling lives.

To open the new Centre for Lifelong Learning in second quarter 2017, our fundraising target is:  £561,000

Full Foundations for Brighter Futures documentation can be downloaded here, or by contacting Steven Morgan, Fundraising Dept, on T: 01483 273874 or E: [email protected]

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